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What to do before go to an interview?

Social media have become the second skin of the recruitment process . Most companies track their digital footprint aspiring employees on social media before to quote for a job interview . Companies in this sense do their "homework 2.0". But what are the "musts 2.0" of a candidate ? If you have been fortunate to be cited for a job interview by a company should undertake as soon as the list of tasks in the social media 12most.com proposed below :

1. Track profiles on social networks of the company
This work is essential for tracking attend knowledgeable about the company to the interview.
2 . Performing searches on Twitter
A simple search on Twitter will serve to know what people are saying about the company on this platform and how to use it the famous microblogging network : if you bet on the sense of humor in his tweets , if I publish content regularly and if your account is abandoned for months.
3. Search in social networks to people who will make the interview
This will serve to sketch a profile of the people who will interview and know more precisely what they are looking for.
4 . Do not forget to take a look at Pinterest
Pinterest is a unique window to learn more about a company . If the company in question is on Pinterest, it is likely that the photos give a clue to its corporate culture.
5 . Connect with the company through social media
Take the trouble to dive into the posts of the company in the social media and assess whether it is worth retweeting or clicking on the button "like " in any of them . Sobe careful with your choice !
6. Remember also rivals in the enterprise market
Dive into the ocean 2.0 to be aware not only of what happens in the company but also the sector in which it operates .
7. Do not neglect your own social media profiles
Update your profiles on social media and demonstrate to the company that is the latest in what the Web 2.0 refers . And if possible , post news about the sector of the company in their profiles in social networks .
8. Look for company employees in the social media
Doing better understand the corporate culture of the company and achieve an idea of ​​the general profile of their employees.
9. Check out the company's profile on LinkedIn
Well know the size of the company and its career opportunities and find out if any of your contacts in this network has some connection with the company.
10. " Start Cleaning" in their profiles on social media
Carefully review what has been published on their profiles on social media and if you see something potentially inappropriate feel free to delete it. What the eyes of their friends looks fun may find completely inappropriate to your future employer .
11. Find yourself on Google
It is very likely that your potential future employer also has done and is the best way to control your online reputation.
12. Read the company blog
Thus be aware of the latest developments of the company and have the opportunity to bring out their skills during the interview.
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How to start a international business?

If you are thinking on open your business in other country or start a business ... whatever you should know about the five dimensions and study the different culture .
Some important information you could find on this website : http://geert-hofstede.com/dimensions.html

The five Dimensions (Hofstede)

How to know if you should hired one person of other . This can be allied to the culture, life...etc
so think now about your culture, they normally share or normally is more individual? So how that can affect to your business? This dimension is important because imagine that your are trying to motivate a group  a people from France? Maybe if they are individual you need to be focus in a plan for motivate the individuality plan

Individual -------------- Social Orientation ---------------Collective
Respect ---------------- Power Orientation   --------------- Tolerance ( innequality)
Accepting ------------- Uncertainty Orientation-----------Avoiding *
Agressive-------------- Goal orientation ----------------------Passive*2
Long term-------------- Time orientation----------------------Short Term

*Some influence can be controllable  or some not, like the weather, how can affect to your business and depends some culture can avoid or not . Accepting, normally are more creative but less strict. 
*2 -What is more important work or the group and the family?

Now your know more about how to work in other country and start you international business, We are not all the same , and for that reason People make business better! 

What happend if you understand the culture or misunderstand? What do you think?

How do firms use organization design?

The global organization Design
Structure would make it easier to transfer knowledge and tecnology between international markets.

International division
Area knowledge : Managers must understand the cultural , commercial , social... in each host country market in which the firm  does the business

Product Knowledge : Comprehend  such factors  as tecnologcal trend, customer needs, competitive force...
Exam: Know about how work the production, etc..

Functional Knowledge: Have access to co-workers with expertise in basic business functions such as production, marketing, finance...

1. Allocate  Resources
   Make departments and prepare the business.
   Every departments need to have one goal and focus.
2. Assign Tasks
    In international business one person or department can' t do it everything.

3. Provide information
   All the organization need to know all the information about the business

4. Obtain Information
   Know about if the business is doing well ( financial information)
   Know about the competition.

Common Form of Global Organization Design
The international organization can have some problems for design the organization:

  • Product design
The global production design assigns worldwide responsibility for specific products or product group to separate operating divisions within firm.

Work best when the firm  has diverse product line. If this products are related is called an M- Form (multidivisional" the various divisions of the firm are usually self contained operations with interrelated activities") or unrelated  is called H-Form.(holding company " the various unrelated business function with autonomy") This have some several potential competitive advantages.
1. Focuses on a single product
2. Gain expertise in all aspects of the product
3. Product design facilities efficiencies in production because managers are free to manufacture the product
4. Quickly and flexibly to technology: New technologies are easy to incorporate. 

All this areas in international business (global Product Design) have some advantages and disadvantages:
Advantages                                    Disadvantages
Management                                  Coordination and competition              
Efficient Production                       Duplication of efforts
Global marketing                           Corporate learning 
  • Area Design
Your company can have a policentric or multidomestic corporate philosophy.
  • Functional Design
To create departments or divisions that have worldwide  responsibility for the common organization functions- finance , operations, marketing, R&D, and human resources management. (U-Form, where the U stands for "unity")
  • Customer Design
Server different customer or customers groups, each with specific  needs calling for special expertise or attention.

  • Global Matrix Design
Is the result of superimposing one form of organization design on top of an existing, different form. The resulting design is usually quite fluid. This Can form specific product group comprising members from existing functional departments.
Advantage                                    Disadvantage
Bring together the functional        Political Organization
Develop new products                  Difficult to communicate with other department

  • Hydrid Global Design
Is described in this section represents an ideal or pure type.
Create a hybrid design that best suits their purposes as dictated in part by the firm : size, technology, environment and culture.

  1. Little formal Power group with limited rules.
            Review the rules every year (min)

         2. Substantial authority

In addition to the fundamental issues of organition design we have addressed , MNCs also face a number of other related organizational issues that must be carefully managed.
Your business must make a particularly critical decision that determinates the level of autonomy, power, and control it wants to grand its subsidiaries.

The decentralize, decision making by allowing individual subsidiaries great discretion over strategy , finance...thereby letting those decisions be made by managers closest to the market.  In the other hand Subsidiary business organization needs rather than on the firm's overall needs.

How to work with subsidiary boards of directors?
Descentralization ------> Local Business and Politics --->
                                     Ethical and social Respons.---> Level of accountability
How to hired and find the right people for work with you in international business?
1. Critical thinking 
Look for someone who can help you to find better solutions.
2. Young people or people with experience.
Have some young people is helpful for bring new ideas and motivation to the business. Also that person can start with full energy . In the other hand maybe you will need a good motivation plan for them.
3. People with contactas and who know the area
4. Capacity to understand other cultures

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How have good luck?

Life is JUST for brave people.
I  was really shy. I remember when I was in a line and the people pass me because I moved off. So finally, sometimes I was later for this reason. And things like that, all the time.
Be brave, start it NOW and do not feel fear or laziness!

I’ m sure you are thinking: Rocio , its not that easy!
I’ m going to tell you something.
When you were born, everybody try to protect you.  Don’ t climb the try because you can fail. Don’ t play guitar because, you will not go anywhere with that, ….And trying to protect you, they teach you to wait, to don’ t be brave and don’ t do what you want to do.
I remember my teacher and my mam trying to make sure that I understand that paint it’s not a good thing to do all day, because it’s better be a doctor or lawer…But Imagine how  will be if when you were born They will ask you: This world it’ s beautiful, and you are unique and special, so What are you good on? What can you do for make a better world?  You will trust yourself, you will forget about good luck, because you will know that you are good enough to do everything you want.

Finally one day you are on a coffee shop waiting for a good luck, lazy to start that idea that you have, or scare to don’ t be good enough. Obviosly I can’ t change your past, but I can said to you that YOU CAN DO IT! Stop Waiting for you good luck.

Luck falls from the sky. So, To start something you need to lost the fair to the failure, ridicule and procrastination.
If it’ s procrastination Go to How Start now >>(not in service)

If you think you aren’t lucky, superstition does not work. Studies show that people who believe in themselves and have a high level of self-esteem have greater success lives. People who expect to be lucky and do not believe in themselves they can not see the opportunities.
The doctor British Richard W.  did a study with several people for long term (Optimistic and pessimistic) : In general, optimists kept their marriages, their businesses work, and had bad times but were able to overcome them. The pessimists were unable to see their opportunities, they divorced several times and waited luck.
One of the experiments was giving them a newspaper. They had to know how many  photographs are on it. The optimistic took a few seconds, the pessimists about 2 minutes. In the paper there was a big ad: there are 43 photographs, tell him that you saw this ad and win 200 dollars. The Pessimistic did not see it, they were busy counting the photographs.

So, do you want to increase you good luck?
                                       TRUST YOUR SELF!

  • Make opportunities happened. Waiting at home for one it’ s not going to happened.
  • Know what you want, make a goal, make and make it happened.
  • Meet new people, talk about you idea, listen other ideas and learn.
  • When you have a problem look it, try to ask yourself more questions about it.
  • If something didn’t work try to know why.
  • Have always a plan b. Think about different solution.
  • Look for information everywhere, doesn’t matter what, everything could be a new idea.
  • Relax, and take care about yourself.
  • Everything take time. Don’ t hope find anything tomorrow, try to designate some time everyday to think about, to do research, to go to meetings..

Stress at work. how keep motivate ?

Stress at work.

For keep motivate you need trust you idea, doesn’t need to be a new and perfect idea, but you need to give value and for that you need to be constant and try it a several times.
Thomas Edison Said: I have not failed I have only found 10000 solutions that do not work.
I keep this quote on my computer sometimes and every time I can find the solution and I stop working I saw it. It is true that many of my projects do not come any idea to the first, Until understand my mistakes, to understand more the problem and work it so that I can find the solution. But,  until then, sometimes I get stressed, I can not sleep and I'm at the computer more than 10 hours trying to fix it.
So I want you to understand how much better is try to relax and why it is.
If you are mad or stress out, be focus for a second in how you feel. Recognize that you are angry or stressing. Observe your reaction and feel that has changed. Ground if I get angry I don’ t speak, my hands shake and I have a lump in my throat. If continued too long stressed or even angry, my tummy hurts and  also my back. And of course,  I can not work well and somethings I don’t want to keep that project. Make me lost my motivation.
What I find most effective to get relax and don’ t lost the motivation.
·      I do not use catharsis. I don’ t broke things, if you want go to do exercises.
Broke things does not make you feel better. Some research  (Miami university)shows that increases your anger and stress. Also increases your obsession with the problem and therefore discourages you.
·      Analyze your reaction, see for a second that your muscles are tense, your face has an angry expression…
·      Once you analyzed, corrects the expression .  Deep breath, return to your proper posture and relax your back.

The Miami university recommend  the  method :"technique benefits." Consists focus on your project, analyze what you've missed and look for other options. Everything you've learned you closer to your goal. That mean, keep motivate and if you fail, try to see it like your are more close of the solution.

viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

Creativity tips

Creativity Tips.
The majority of advice is to think beyond being focused on the problem. Therefore, I seek to open your attention to all of your resources and listen to your instincts.
Studies show that be relaxed helps creativity.

  • Wake up with a good feeling

  • The blue color helps relax your brain and have the ability to relate ideas.

According to some researchers the color red, unconsciously, encourages us to think more analytically, more deliberate and often associated with danger signs, emergency vehicles, etc.. While we associate the color blue with the sky, the sea, peace and quiet, issues that make our mind more free flowing.
The red color, have the ability to increase blood pressure and nervous system. The red color is outgoing, vital, ambitious, ... The red color has its positive characteristics, such as for those who want to memorize contents.
Linking creativity with colors leads to a resource that is called the Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono.
  • Try to think like a kid.

Kids have the capacity to ask and try things that probably you think that for logic is not going to work. But If you don’ t try you never know.

  • Try to ask yourself more questions about your idea, about the problem…

As experts say, falter 3/4 parts of your time to understand the problem, once understood only need a few minutes to fix it.

  • The good humor, help you to be more creativity.

Think about something that make you feel better, watch something on tv, listen  the music you love or even put on music and dance before work.

Know more on my entrepreneur>>